Let's talk about security systems.....

Modern Security Systems have gone beyond just providing secured Homes & Businesses
Security systems have been making ways into homes & businesses throughout the island. In a safe country like Singapore, why is it getting popular? This is because apart from basic security and safety reasons, there are many other situations these systems can be applied to.

The other applications are that it provides evidence to settle disputes by monitoring and recording events with date and time stamp up to seconds. You can forget about keys and access cards with biometric devices. Bosses welcome the biometric technology as bye-bye to employees “Buddy-punching” using traditional paper time card clock-in machine.

Modern security technology has since made the equipment more affordable and easy to operate. Many home and business owners are making this investment a must. The last you would want to do is to put in a security system after you have been victimized. You should be proactively preventing yourself from being an easy target. This relatively modest investment has proven to be worthy as a cost-saving measure to supplement and potentially eliminate manpower.

The types of security technology available are Closed Circuit Television, biometric time & attendance and access control, alarm & burglar system, video intercom system and others. The improvement of general security technology allows remote access and live monitoring as well as recording of events and incidents for view and playback. The advent of mobile communication technology has further allowed the security application to expand beyond geographical confines of what was previously imaginable.

Biometric technology uses various individualistic attributes of a person including fingerprints, iris in the eyes, retina and geometrical shapes of hands and face to verify his or her identity.  Biometrics offers highly secured methods of verification that are uniquely individual and non-transferrable. It prevents an employee from punching in/out for a fellow colleague. It also prevents access for unauthorized persons without an authorized person physically present.

ED Viston Pte Ltd has installed many systems catering to the different needs of the home & business owners. All have good reason or reasons to own one. Some of the ED Viston’s customers’ requirements are:

  • Customers want to know who is at their door or compound.
  • Customers want to scan for unwanted visitors so as to ensure that there are no intruders to their house.
  • Families with maids or babysitters use the cameras to keep a watchful eye making sure that their newborn or child is treated as supposed to be.
  • Customers who use the system to monitor their elderly parents are safe at home.
  • Parents use it to watch their children are doing their homework.
  • Pet owners monitor their loved pet is not up to mischief.
  • Wife installing a fingerprint door lock at home for her careless husband. No more losing keys.
  • Manufacturing uses fingerprint machine for job costing.
  • Customers use 3G mobile phone to view their home remotely.

So it is not just monitoring your property but also be close to your family members while you are away. All the monitoring can be done remotely on-the-go via internet, mobile smart phone anytime and anywhere with live view.

For owners who have multiple sites, ED Viston recommends the Central Monitoring System. Customers who own businesses in various different locations can monitor their home, office, store, warehouse and factory all in one central console on one screen. It provides business owners with the solution to monitor their staff and their movement in and out of the office, watch their office and business property while they are away and deter theft or track down a shoplifter. Mobile business owners appreciate the ability to view over the internet while they are away, seamlessly integrating with their mobile smart phones while on the go. As a value-added solution, there is also technology solution to automatically trigger a notification of an intrusion by unwanted visitors to the busy owners’ mobile phones.

As each home and business requirements are different, you would need to speak to a security consultant to ensure that you are provided with the right equipment and solution for your needs. ED Viston provides the customer with a one-stop solution according to your requirements in a cost-effective way.